Tips for Easier Dog Nail Trimming

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It takes a lot to earn your dog’s trust. We spend countless thousands of hours training them and bonding with them to develop trust, so they behave properly and allow us to care for them implicitly. If you don’t take the time to earn their trust, however, things like dog grooming in Rome, GA can be difficult.

Take nail clipping, for example. Seeing the clippers, hearing them being worked and feeling them against their paws can be extremely unnerving for a dog. Without trust between dog and owner, your pooch is liable to become very anxious and uncooperative. To earn their trust in this scenario, it’s important to take things slow:

  • Introduce your pup to the trimmers before using them. Let the dog smell them, see them and hear them as you work them.
  • Once they’re familiar with the sight and sound of nail clippers, simply hold them against the dog’s paw without clipping anything. This will show them there’s nothing to fear.
  • Start clipping slowly. Do one paw at a time to keep stress levels low, or do a nail here and there over an extended time.

Acclimating your pup to nail clipping can take weeks, but it pays off in the long run. Not only will dog grooming in Rome, GA be easier, but you’ll also bond and develop trust with your dog at a whole new level.

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